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Pool Parties

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects


It’s hard to believe that a freestanding pool could be this handsome, but it seems designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba have managed to come up with something that those of us invested in modern design, but short on outdoor space, may actually consider. For Italian brand Kos, they’ve created a perfectly circular, sculptural mini pool that complements streamlined contemporary outdoor furnishings to a tee. “Its absolute geometrics give it a sculptured look, its hollowed base makes it look like a shape suspended in space.” Say no more. We’ll gladly take the plunge.Minipool-Kos-1Minipool-Kos-3-600x962

Images: Design Milk


3 Comments to "Pool Parties"

  1. This is a sweet set up. I like the hot tub and really like how there is a bed chilling.

  2. Looks heavenly! Finally a contemporary look for all those hot tubs!

  3. cool pool but that lamp has me thinking about bugs. #distracting

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