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Cabinet Maker

Categories: Architecture + Interiors


There are cabinets, and then there’s this cabinet, designed by Michael Chen of the Manhattan architectural firm Normal Projects. Fitting a bedroom, study and storage in a single cabinet is no easy feat, let alone a good-looking one, but Chen and partner Karl Anderson managed to do just that for the owner of a 450 square foot apartment. By removing the apartment’s internal walls, and installing a sleek expanse of wall cabinetry to accommodate a murphy bed, fold down desk and built-in closet, they’ve presented an ingenious, thoughtful solution for small-space occupants who harbor an aversion to clutter and a fondness for style.


Images: Dwell

One Comment to "Cabinet Maker"

  1. Is that product made from wood? Looks great. In Indonesia we usually made this kind of cabinet with wood or bamboo

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