A 21st Century Farnsworth House

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What does a 21st Century version of Mies van der Rhoe’s exalted Farnsworth House look like? Thanks to Manhattan architectural firm Desai/Chia, we now know. The blissfully beautiful LM Guest House in upstate New York was built for a family requesting “an analog” of Farnsworth, and lucky for them (and us voyeurs), they got it in spades.

A modest 2,000 sq feet in size, LM, like Farnsworth, retains a low, horizontal profile with an all-glass exterior. But unlike Farnsworth, state-of-the-art green technology—geothermal heating and cooling; radiant floors; motorized solar shading; photovoltaic panels; rainwater harvesting; and sensitivity to the lay of the land—was thoughtfully employed to reduce the carbon footprint of an all-glass house.

“The LM Guest House celebrates the beauty of the surrounding landscape,” says Desai/Chia. Agreed—but we think it more potently celebrates the enduring, timeless beauty of Farnsworth House.



Images: Desai/Chia; Wall Street Journal

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