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60’s Inspired Comic Strip Prints!

Categories: Art + Graphics


Fans of 60’s icon Serge Gainsbourg will recognize these cartoonish exclamations from his song Comic Strip, a collaboration of sorts with fellow French sensation Brigitte Bardot. Luckily, knowing the song isn’t a prerequisite for liking these digital prints by Josh Korwin of the Torrance, California vintage goods shop Three Steps Ahead. Sold as a set of four 8 1/2 x 11 prints, this series has enough visual flair to resonate with everyone from Gainsbourg/Bardot fans and comic book collectors to type lovers and pop cultural enthusiasts. To which we can only exclaim, wow!


Images: Three Steps Ahead

4 Comments to "60’s Inspired Comic Strip Prints!"

  1. where do i order 2.5 meters of the fabric that says pow?

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