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Trend Alert: Pixels!

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

umbrellaIs it a trend or simply designers’ inevitable reaction to an increasingly digitized world? Time (and the next trend) will tell, but for now, no matter which corner of the globe we set our sights on, we seem to be coming up pixels. Three of our favorites are Le Pixel, the canvas outdoor umbrella which Australian retailer Basil Bangs rightfully calls “squares of bright summer love;” the glossy melamine Tray Mosaic by danish brand Remember; and Spanish designer Christian Zuzunaga’s Squaring the Circle, a pixel-based range of cushion fabrics for Kvadrat.


Photos: Basil Bangs; Remember; Zuzunaga

One Comment to "Trend Alert: Pixels!"

  1. Love the pixel trend. So much colour, so much fun, so awesome, and lastly so easy to implement into any colour scheme :-)

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