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For Italian furniture brand Kristalia, thin is still very much in. To their family of slender Thin-k tables, they’ve added yet another member. The original Thin-k debuted in 2011, bearing a tabletop just 6 mm thick; and at Milan earlier this year, a longer version (9 1/2 ft.) with the same wafer-thin top was unveiled, this time with a wood veneer replacing the anodized aluminum top of the original.

And now, just in time for summer, comes Thin-k Longo, still thin and long, but designed for both indoor and outdoor use. With both table surface and legs bathed in the same powder-coated finish, Thin-k Longo has a seamless, monochromatic elegance that borders on the sublime. “The designer aimed to get a wide and long table, strong and perfectly straight, with an infinitesimal thickness,” says Kristalia of Thin-k Longo creator Luciano Bertoncini. Judging from these photos, his aim was true.


Images: Kristalia

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