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Summer Fling

Categories: Furniture + Lighting


Anyone in the mood for a flash of summer decadence, can look to Louis Vuitton, who’s managed to turn the simplest of pleasures—lounging lazily on a stringy backyard hammock—into a luxury endeavor of wallet-busting proportions. Part of the French brand’s Objet Nomades collection of foldable, travel-inspired items given form by A-list designers (the Campana Brothers and Barbara Osgerby, amongst them), this utterly fabulous leather hammock is the handiwork of Swiss designers Atelier Oï, who whipped up a concoction of woven leather and gold rivets. “Through the process of torsion, weaving, pinching, and pleating, a structure was born – a weave of fine leather ribbons, providing volume and strength to a simple leather strip…a 3D mesh of body, aesthetic, and comfort, inviting us to relaxation and enjoyment … ” Not to mention, being $30,000 lighter for having accepted the invitation.


Photos: Dezeen

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