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When Andy Warhol decided to create exact replicas of Brillo scouring pad boxes, of all things, back in 1964, it’s safe to say he wasn’t envisioning anyone sitting on them. But somehow, we think Warhol would have appreciated Fab’s booth at ICFF 2013 this week, where Brillo Box Poufs, a collaboration between the Warhol Foundation and foam furniture label Quinze & Milan, were an undeniable hit with anyone wanting to rest their design-weary legs.

And no wonder. Aside from looking eerily like the real thing—and by that, we mean actual cardboard boxes, never mind Warhol’s wooden replicas of cardboard boxes—these spongy poufs were comfortable, light, durable, visually interesting, and, above all else, a legendary bit of pop art for those without a few million to spare. Even Andy might have wondered why it took 50 years for Brillo Box Pouf to come along.

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