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65641_517169618344172_1582223596_nMaking its North American debut at ICFF 2013 was Lukki, a reissued furniture series by Artek that was introduced in Milan earlier this spring. The four tubular steel and birch plywood pieces that comprise the Lukki line—3 chairs and a stool—were designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara over a 6-year period, spanning 1951-1956, and, as we’ve seen with other reissued Artek classics, their streamlined forms have aged uncommonly well.

The Finnish word Lukki translates as “daddy longlegs,” a fitting name for these slender, lightweight, leggy pieces, though their most distinctive feature is the pressed wood seat, gently curving, bent over the edges just so. As they did with new versions of Alvar and Aino Aalto pieces, also launched in Milan this year, Artek has dressed up Lukki in classic black. And that, too, seems fitting. After all, black—like Lukki—will not easily fall out of style.



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