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“I enjoy simple daily tasks. The taste or smell of food, the warmth of home…an inkling of life or movement of the heart.” Japanese artist Fumi Koike’s eloquence is not, it seems, limited to the painted page.

Koike, a gifted illustrator, has also been creating a series of beautifully detailed paintings of interiors that speak charmingly to her love of domesticity and its rituals. Far from being picture-perfect shelter magazine spreads, her interiors reveal (and revel in) the ordinary, imperfect life lived within them—the unmade bed, odd sock lying on the floor, abandoned cup of coffee, sleeping dog—in ways so tranquil and inviting, the viewer is forced to rethink the very notion of home life.

“The morning, its silence, the purity of the air…the warmth of a dog, its innocent appearance and its gentle eyes. I appreciate the day to day life and simple things that are more than meets the eye.”
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Images: Fumi Koike

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