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DRUIDA PHOTO 13dezeen_Druida-by-MermeladaEstudio-7

Okay, we admit that this prototype barbecue is a bit precious, and entirely impractical—we’re puzzled by the flat wooden lid, frankly—but don’t you just wish you had a valid reason for buying it? Designed by Barcelona design studio MermeladaestudioDruida’s bowl-shaped profile, derived from the vessels in which Druids supposedly prepared magic spells, sits in a graceful three-pronged steel frame, fastened to slender wooden legs. One wonders what the Druids would have made of the steel grill and decorative geometric pattern, but they, like us, would probably at least give Druida high marks for looks alone.

dezeen_Druida-by-MermeladaEstudio-8DRUIDA PHOTO 11

Images: Mermeladaestudio

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