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If the 2013 ICFF handed out an award for the most photogenic (and most photographed) piece of furniture, it would surely have gone to Carlo Aiello’s jaw-dropping Parabola Chair. Already the winner of the 2013 ICFF Studio Award prior to arriving in New York for the trade show, this chrome-plated steel stunner caused us, and everyone else within eyeshot range, to stop, stare, and reach for cameras almost on cue.

Aiello, a Los Angeles-based architect, states on his website, “The design intention of the Parabola Chair was to create a simple and porous yet highly sculptural chair. The challenge was to achieve a single surface that serves as seating, armrest, and backrest supported by a minimal structure.”

Not surprisingly, a chair this radical-looking involved months of experimentation, and Aiello is justifiably proud of its dramatic curves being comprised of straight, easy-to-manufacture components; and construction that requires no hardware, making the chair impervious to outdoor elements. And while it’s true that on the comfort scale, the Parabola Chair may be wanting, that may be beside the point. In person, Aiello unabashedly admitted to setting out to create, in his words, a statement chair. And, if public and critical acclaim is any measure, he’s managed to make his statement—dazzlingly.


Photos: Carlo Aiello

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