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Dallas-based graphic designer Ryan M. Russell is the latest artist to enter the minimalist poster milieu, a visual  trend that has given pared-down, graphic expression to everything from television shows and films to Super Heroes and branches of philosophy. Russell, though, is the first to tackle architecture, and his poster series, a work in progress, focuses on famous buildings in prominent American cities. He renders stylized, but still recognizable, silhouettes against broad expanses of flat color, and deliberately limits his architectural choices  to each city’s most famous edifice. The effect is not unlike that of a collection of tasteful travel posters, beckoning the sophisticated viewer to come visit. And that’s not one bit a bad thing.52986849fe3de7f0fc79d4fc6b039945455a3b7427aff1ee6e3fde0bf9ab79ef 5722b4094426b729e00bfeb1e715dee8Images: Ryan M. Russell

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