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Just why Eero Aarnio decided to make his electronic kitchen timer for Alessi in the shape of a duck is anyone’s guess, but who are we to question the inventor of the fun and forever Ball and Bubble chairs (and our particular favorite, Pastil)? It may be too early to predict that kind of lasting power for the thermoplastic resin Duck Timer, but we do appreciate how winsomely Aarnio has applied his playful design sensibilities to something as prosaic as a kitchen timer. And we’re especially thankful for a timer that goes off with a quack instead of a jarring din.

Photo: Alessi

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  1. Evelyn M

    May 11, 2013 at 9:54 am

    This is a case when you really want to know the inspiration behind a piece – maybe the giant duck that is sailing the world inspired him, but then why a kitchen timer. Maybe he was always setting two timers for two different things and wanted a distinctive noise for the 2nd, thought of the cuckoo clock and saw the sailing duck. That’s my imagination running amuck – I want to know!!!!!!

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