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Cover Story

Categories: Furniture + Lighting, ICFF 2013

Chair4Hans Wegner’s instantly recognizable Shell chair, designed in 1963, turns 50 this year, and Carl Hansen & Son, the Danish manufacturer with exclusive rights to produce the chair, has found a way to celebrate the chair’s lasting influence in extravagant style. They’ve teamed up with textile maker Maharam to introduce a new line of 20 Shells, all covered in Maharam upholstery with matching wood finishes. Among the designs featured from Maharam’s collection are ones by Alexander Girard, Hella Jongerius, Josef Hoffmann and Paul Smith. chair3Chair1Chair2

Images: Carl Hansen & Son

2 Comments to "Cover Story"

  1. Love the combination of the textiles with this chair. The geometric pattern is an eye stopper and is definately my favourite wow factor, but of course they are all awesome and would all look incredible in a home.

  2. Wonderful, I love the shape of the chair and especially textiles.

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