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City Center

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Art + Graphics

Park_Amy_Neimeye_ Facade-1Park_Amy_Gold Goldberg (Chicago)-1

The first thing you notice about Amy Park’s urban paintings is just how dazzling they are. Park, who has made architecture her sole subject of visual exploration, focuses on the facades of city buildings—famous skyscrapers and forgettable office buildings alike—and renders shimmering expanses of color and patterns, tightly cropped compositions of repeat motifs that turn concrete and glass monoliths into nuanced geometric abstractions. Park’s interest lies in abstraction as much as architecture, and she’s found the ideal medium to showcase her mastery of the brush. Through the ethereal expressiveness of watercolor, Park gives us gorgeous portraits of the modern urban landscape, awash in glass and metal, transparency and luster, with finesse and precision unimaginable in any other medium—or in any other hands.

Diamond BuildingSocony Mobil

Images: Amy Park

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