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Daily Archives: May 4, 2013

Shape Shifter

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Shape Shifter

What’s more economical than a pair of vases with the combined volume of a few sheets of paper? From French retailer Merci comes this set of two colorful folding vases, which only take form when filled with water. Essentially PVC bags with vase-shaped openings, they transition from flat shape to — Continue reading

Baby Love

Categories: Kids + Baby
Baby Love

If it’s possible for a blanket to achieve iconic design status, the Swedish designer Pia Wallen’s Crux blanket has been accorded it. Snapped up by those who can afford it, coveted by those who can’t, it’s the bedroom accessory tailor-made for self-proclaimed modernists and minimalists and, truthfully, anyone with good — Continue reading