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Post-digital generations in search of their roots will have a nightmarish volume of mediocre photographs and other ephemera to sift through, thanks to our preoccupation with self-documentation; imagine how many Instagrams of coffee alone to suffer through! But no such worries for anyone searching for clues to the lives of the photographers Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes; they’ll want to take their own sweet time going through a vast photographic document of daily rituals and minutiae, thanks to collaborative projects shared on the blog 3191 Miles Apart. Projects which illustrate Vettese and Barnes’ knack for making the most ordinary domestic moments seem somehow transcendent. Does sifted flour really look that pretty? Can a plain old blanket be that…photogenic? “Here, we post weekly thoughts and images about simple living.” And, clearly, about making simple living look oh so rich.


Photos: 3191 Miles Apart

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