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Sharper Image

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects


Next time you feel like impressing your guests with a salad, try Karoto, an outsized pencil sharpener-like device that peels and “sharpens” carrots, cucumbers and other similarly-shaped vegetables to produce curls and shavings like those from a sharpened pencil. Designed by the Israeli product designer Avichai Tadmore for the Tel Aviv brand Monkey Business, this isn’t a device that qualifies as a necessity, but rather one that injects a much-needed element of novelty into the generic tossed salad. And for that reason alone, we say, sharpen away.

Photos: Monkey Business

One Comment to "Sharper Image"

  1. I always thought pencil/crayon shavings from shareners make good decoration. With that veggie sharpener, I’m pretty sure you can make some tasty-looking and aesthetically-pleasing dish.

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