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Despite being surrounded by impeccable style—pristine whites, textured greys, mid-century furnishings—anyone staying at the hotel Casa do Conto in Porto, Portugal would be forgiven for spending an unreasonable amount of time staring at the ceiling. The 19th Century house was converted into a hotel in 2008, but when a fire destroyed the renovation, the architectural firm Pedra Líquida wanted a redesign that both transcended and referenced its recent tragic history—and concrete provided the answer. Original wood floors and other flammable details were replaced with slabs of fire-resistent concrete, offering an opportunity for a striking visual device: texts, expressed in bass-relief. Narratives about the meaning of a house, and this house, in particular, authored by local writers, grace the expanse of the bedroom ceilings. Say the architects, “Casa do Conto embodies a unique story of life, which is, in fact, the history of the city itself.”

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  1. Dion Seminara

    May 9, 2013 at 12:45 am

    What an interesting idea. Writing on the ceiling is certainly unique. The Bedroom is so stunning. Great way to create an onsuite.

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