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Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

tam tam

Retro design enthusiasts unable to afford A-list mid-century classics can find solace in the Tam Tam stool. Long before Ikea, Tam Tam was a visually distinctive, low-cost, easy-to-assemble alternative for those with modest means and design preferences that skewed towards the more adventurous. Designed in 1968 by architect Henry Massonnet, founder of a plastics company, the Tam Tam stool was originally intended to be a lightweight, cheap seat for fisherman, but took off on the commercial market, due, in no small measure, to a low price point and simple, sexy shape.

Thanks to a photo of the very sexy actress Bridgette Bardot perched on a Tam Tam, the stool sold an unprecedented 12 million copies before the 70’s oil crisis made plastic too expensive, and production ceased. Revived in the 21st Century by¬†Branex, Tam Tam continues to be manufactured under the exact specifications of the original, but now offers a mind-boggling range of colors and finishes. Most impressively, it remains Ikea cheap (under $40).

Photos: Branex

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