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To the litany of artists for whom the human skull has held fascination (Edvard Munch, Francis Bacon, Damien Hirst), we can now add a Swedish duo with one of the quirkier offerings at this week’s Salone Internazionale de Mobile: Hedonist Skulls by Stockholm design team Andréason & Leibel (whose Babylon tower desk we’ve already covered on this blog). “The idea came from a newspaper image of an angry mob carrying signs with an unusual image of a skull and crossbones. This naive and Munch-esque depiction of the human skull caught our attention and the thought of transforming it into a three dimensional object emerged.”

We’ll admit that outside anatomy classes and Halloween, we find human skulls a bit altogether unsettling. But what caught our attention here was the beautifully stylized shape of Andréason & Leibel’s skulls, a shape at once recognizable, but with all the eerie details smoothed out, literally. Cast porcelain (with “inglaze decals”) was an inspired material choice, and we like the delicate grid applications. But it’s the bold black-and-white striped version, we think, that makes this Hedonist series a headliner.


Photos: Andreason & Leibel

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