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The concept of turning a retail space into something approximating a real house is not particularly new—furniture retailers have been wisely staging their inventory for years—but the art form has been elevated to dazzling new heights by the Danish duo of Tina Seidenfaden Busck and Pernille Hornhaver. Interior stylists, in addition to co-owners of the Copenhagen gallery, The Apartment, Busck and Hornhaver have renovated an actual apartment as their gallery space, and applied their razor-sharp, yet elegantly understated, instincts for interior decoration to enliven it with a revolving selection of objects of exceeding beauty, all culled from their ever-growing inventory.

That the resulting rooms can easily be mistaken for an actual apartment is testament to the owners’ considerable talent for both curating and editing. There are requisite mid-century Danish classics, to be sure, but add to that an unexpected, even quirky, mixture—folk art, hand-sewn quilts, contemporary abstract paintings, Art Deco light fixtures—and it’s no wonder this gallery exudes the aura of a home created over time with painstaking care and exquisite feel for space, color and form. An enviable distinction for any gallery, we think; or any home, for that matter.

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Photos: SF Girl By Bay

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