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Tradition with a Modern Spin

Categories: Furniture + Lighting, Modern Decor + Objects

Another discovery at the recent Palm Springs Modern Living Expo was the great collection of handmade furniture and lighting by whyrHymer, the Los Angeles-based company founded by Louisiana native Brandon Morrison.

Morrison, whose first love was acting, began his career as a furniture maker while working as a handyman at a hardware store. A serious hand injury eventually fueled his desire to devote himself to furniture making full-time, and the whyrHhymer boutique line of furniture and lighting, was born.

By fusing traditonal details, like filament bulbs and cluster sockets, with streamlined, modern profiles; and by employing first-rate woods, like walnut, white oak, cherry and mahogany, whyrHymer creates furniture and lighting that’s a truly distinctive addition to any home.

Photos: whyrHymer

Have an infinitely modern day!

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