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candlesWe’ll confess that it was the clean and earthy packaging that drew our attention to Circle 21 scented candles, but it turns out we like everything else about them, too.

For starters, this Amarillo, Texas company makes its candles from all-natural soy (not petroleum-based paraffin), and hand pours them into repurposed wine bottle containers. So far, so good. Then, eschewing a generic lid, they opt for distinctive recyclable cork, “branded” with their handsome logo. For a finishing touch, the labels are letterpress printed with a blank space to allow for the individual scent name to be hand-stamped. Recap: soy wax; up-cycled, reusable glass containers; recyclable cork lids; economically printed labels; and splendid-looking, to boot.

So, even if we’ve already stocked up on our Earth Hour candles (note that Earth Hour is Saturday, March 23, 8:30-9:30 p.m.), we’re pretty certain we can find plenty of other good reasons for sourcing candles that intoxicate our senses without burdening our planet in the process.

Photos: Circle 21 

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  1. Jackson

    Apr 28, 2013 at 5:34 am

    I was so revved up after discovering this post. My mother used to make her own candles and soap; I had a stint in my twenties when I did also. Soy candles are my newest favorite, since they burn so slowly, thought I still love a great beeswax masterpiece thick as a bowling ball and stenciled or carved. Remember the Pottery Barn collection with real flowers and flora embedded in the wax. Everything is minimalist these days. Wish they were available outside of Texas.

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