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Sitting Pretty

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

hadidAmong the more glamorous names showing their latest creations at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, or Milan Furniture Fair, in early April is Zaha Hadid, who, if her recent output is any indication, must have Herculean stamina.

Barely done with her gargantuan Galaxy Soho complex in Beijing, Hadid will be presenting both a limited edition set of marble tables for the luxury interiors company, Citco; and what sounds like a technological marvel of a stadium seating system for the Italian brand Poltrona Frau. Named Array, the design is described by Poltrona Frau as “seat-sculpture. A single, compact, dynamic unit. A self-rotating structure built on the principles of Euclidean geometry with the back, arms and seat appearing to form a single flower bud ready to burst open.” And we believe them.

Photo: Dezeen


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