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Cutting Edge

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects


As if we needed another reminder of how one unexpected element can effectively reposition a utilitarian object as objet d’art (see brass hammer, flower nails), the Danish tableware company, Stelton, has managed to up the ante with Pure Black, a knife series “for serious gourmets who are as daring in their style as they are in their cooking.”

And, in typically understated Danish fashion, Pure Black knives, with a lone daring twist, make a truly astonishing visual statement. Yes, there’s the undeniably restrained profile; and the (literally) seamless single-piece stainless steel construction in which handle merges into blade. But it’s the black, of course, that “special coating” of matte black injected into a world of gleaming steel—and we mustn’t forget its companion Pure White magnetic knife strip—that leaves us slightly breathless. And admitting that when it comes to style, it’s really black-and-white: the Danes still have the edge.

Photo: Stelton

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