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Plastic Look

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, Sustainability

If you think this is plastic, think again. When San Francisco passed a 2012 city ordinance banning plastic shopping bags, the artist Lauren DiCioccio took note by offering up an eco-friendly homage to the flimsy, generic white plastic bag and its crude “thank you” typography.

Her version, a collaboration with The Workshop Residence, a San Francisco collective that pairs artists and designers with local craftspeople, is made of crinkly taffeta, and machine embroidered with red or blue text. And is not, one hopes, realistic-looking enough to be mistaken for the real thing and tossed out with the trash!

Photo: Artware Editions

2 Comments to "Plastic Look"

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  2. WOW …. it’s very realistic!, I thought it was the classic ecological shopping bag. In Italy it’s only in recent years that has been banned plastic bags in favor of ecologically. A small step forward.

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