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Anyone looking to instantly banish the long winter blues would do well to immerse themselves in the desert colors of Palm Springs, California—and we’re not talking burnt sienna and yellow ochre. Thanks to the architects Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat of Stamberg Aferiat + Associates, guests at the Saguaro hotel will find an audacious rainbow of colors awaiting them amid the arid mountain air and desert palms.

“We turned to the desert for the color palette and organized the color in homage to the paintings of Victor Vasarely and Yaacov Agam. In this way when the buildings are viewed from one direction, the spectrum reveals itself in one way as compared to the opposite direction. The effect on each balcony allows one to be encircled by counterpoints of the spectrum, creating a warm, welcoming feeling. The balcony colors then inform the palette of the guest rooms. The balcony colors reappear on the doors of the guest rooms, enlivening the hallways and bringing the color experience full circle.” And, my, what an exhilarating circle!


Credits: Saguaro Palm SpringsStamberg Aferiat + Associates

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  1. Dave Stukas

    Apr 26, 2013 at 8:34 am

    I lived in Palm Springs for 13 years and think the Saguaro hotel is such a great idea. Before its latest makeover, it suffered a dingy, drab makeover in dark khaki/green with the only color coming from a few colored glass windows set into the facade here and there. A drab Holiday Inn. And before that, it was a tired Holiday Inn almost in its original form from the 1960s. I applaud this last makeover, giving life and energy to an old building that was long past its prime. Many residents were unsure of the brightly colored building at first, but it seems to have settled into a comfortable place in this capital of mid-century modernism.

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