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Cottage Industry

Categories: Architecture + Interiors


Stretching the definition of outdoor furniture to its limits—and just named a 2013 International Design Award winner by Elle Decor Spain—is Kettal Cottage, a cabana-cum-daybed designed by the Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. An aluminum frame, wooden slats, a mattress that seats/sleeps two, and a privacy curtain create an outdoor refuge for nature lovers with a fondness for man-made amenities. “Cottage is a charming spot, a place in which to relax in comfort, meditate, rest or simply pass the time in the company of a good book, enjoying the air and the light, the definitive refuge in which to enjoy the outdoors.” Who needs a chaise when you can have a cottage?



Photos: Kettal

2 Comments to "Cottage Industry"

  1. Nice Idea……its looking great

    Thanks for sharing

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