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Colored View

Categories: Art + Graphics, Local + Travel



fp3dstur_v06_p06_01.JPGb736adba-6584-492d-a20b-b775b1467eceLargeWith over 100 destinations under their belts, the design team at Wallpaper magazine has hit upon an ingenious formula for making their city guides a magnet for design savvy wanderers. Reduce the essence of a city to a single color, keep typography to a minimum, and then watch as esthetes snap them up, one by one, displaying them on bookshelves like so many Pantone chips. Ok, we’re sold; but we’d still like to know the reasons behind giving Rome bubble gum pink and poor old Melbourne boring tan.

Photos: Penguin Books Australia

2 Comments to "Colored View"

  1. Nice post. We have about 50 of these guides. Arranging them in color order appeals to all my senses! They’re great city guides too. And, for the record, I don’t think tan is boring :)

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