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Bugged Out

Categories: Kids + Baby

We’re not kids, but we’re pretty sure if we were, we’d get a rise out of these imaginatively crafted jumping and flying insects, designed by Brazilian designer Isabella Torquato. The ecologically minded Torquato, who took a cue from the creatures of the Amazon rainforest, has given each of her characters a personal history and names—these two are Leopold and Miss Tanaka—and has helpfully equipped them with a set of springy metal legs and a suction cup that attaches to any surface for a few seconds before coming unstuck to launch the little bugs into a jump or short flight.

Photos: Guggenheim Bilbao

One Comment to "Bugged Out"

  1. I’m a 42 yr old born an rise at brasil. This is a old design. I remember when was kid, street vendors sale this toys, wood craft, cheap.. its a lot of fun for kids to set and wait pop

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