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Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Furniture + Lighting

Is it possible for everything you need in a living space to be encapsulated in five specific forms? The New York-based architect and designer Christian Wassmann thinks so, and has just unveiled a suite of five designs as proof.

A table, a lounge chair, a pillow, a pendant light, and a vase comprise 5 Platonic Objects, an installation currently on view at R 20th Century. The five objects on display are an extension of Wassmann’s lasting preoccupation with geometry, and, in this case, the five forms from Euclidean geometry, known as platonic solids.┬áSays Wassmann, “I was just playing with paper models of shapes, and wanted to see if I could turn them into functional furniture items.”

My, we only wish everyone’s playing could result in an output this sublime.

One Comment to "Objectified"

  1. What interesting decor- very contemporary. How comfortable are those seats? lol

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