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The Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi may extoll the virtues of imperfection, but the New York-based interior designer Jennifer Post is having none of it. Her stock and trade is unapologetic, awe-inspiring flawlessness, which may explain why she can blithely declare, “I’m not for everyone.”

Maybe so, but everyone would do well to look more closely at her rooms—and learn a thing or two about, among other things, how to use color. Like many practitioners of minimalism, Post doesn’t take a liberal tack with colors; an overwhelming whiteness, in all its subtle variations, pervades her interiors. But her infusions of color—dashes of red or blue, but especially her undeniable preoccupation with yellow—feel not so much informed by fashion and trends (no Pantone Color of the Year jottings in her sketchbook, it’s safe to say)—as by her desire to let color, like every other element in a room, work in service of the greater good.

Which, in Jennifer Post language, translates into an exquisitely coherent, exceptional quality of space. Pretty perfect stuff.


Photo credits: Jennifer Post Design

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