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We’re Talking About Love

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

For the next 7 days, 2Modern will be talking about love. We’re counting down to Valentine’s Day with a review of some of the more romantic, playful, and just plain heart-stoppingly beautiful examples of modern furniture and modern gift ideas from our collection. And there’s simply no better starting point than the lipstick red Bocca sofa from Heller, a furniture/art piece whose universal sex appeal extends to pop cultural fanatics, retro design enthusiasts, and most anyone looking to infuse a room with a dollop of both humor and passion.

Designed in 1970 by Turin’s Studio 65, the soft resin Bocca (which, incidentally, means mouth, in Italian) is an unmistakable artifact of an age in which Warhol and Wesselman were boldly overturning artistic conventions; it’s no wonder, then, that Germany’s Vitra Design Museum’s recent survey of Pop Art Design included all three of these ground-breakers. But never mind all that. If making a bold statement, wanting to impress, or just inducing a smile is your style, then Bocca may be your kind of Valentine’s Day indulgence.

One Comment to "We’re Talking About Love"

  1. This sounds very interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing what else you find!


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