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Morning Read

Categories: Art + Graphics

Editorial pundits may be proclaiming the death of print, but that isn’t discouraging writers, photographers and designers from pouring themselves into publications that celebrate the particular joys of a glossy two-page spread.

The new UK food and travel quarterly magazine, Cereal, has set for itself the lofty goal “of making something timeless, by crafting and curating a tactile experience.” And, to that end, its 140 pages of ad-free recipes, interviews and “detailed expositions” showcase a gorgeously decadent expanse of white space, meticulously crafted copy and the kind of ravishing food photography that sends culinary duffers (like me) on a mad quest for ingredients with names they can’t pronounce.

And, for the record, has the lowly pine cone ever made a more captivating cover subject?

Photo credits: Cereal

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