The Lost Film of Marilyn Monroe

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As if we need further confirmation of Marilyn Monroe’s age-defying star power, consider the case of Peter Mangone. In 1955, Mangone was a 15 year-old schoolboy with a crush on Marilyn. Hoping for a glimpse of the 29 year-old star, newly divorced from Joe DiMaggio, Mangone waited outside New York’s Gladstone Hotel with his brother’s Revere 8 millimeter movie camera. Soon enough, Marilyn emerged, saw Mangone, and, in a move unimaginable today, invited him to come along for a walk with two of her friends (think of, say, Lady Gaga, doing this).

The resulting film—5 ½ minutes; 329 seconds; 28 frames a second; 9,212 frames—had been, incredibly enough, stored in a box until 2002, when it was rediscovered amongst Mangone’s father’s possessions. New York’s Danziger Gallery is showing The Lost Film of Peter Mangone for the first time—58 years after it was first made, with “the colors as vivid as the day they were shot, Marilyn as mesmerizing as ever.”

Photo credits: Danziger Gallery

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