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Yes, we admit to having been overtaken by a spot of wanderlust lately, here at 2Modern, and our discriminating eye for design naturally lead us to LUXE City Guides. To say that LUXE guides aren’t for most traveleers is to state the obvious, given their lavishly decorative, photo-less covers.

Aimed at the “discerning, value-conscious and busy traveler,” LUXE dispenses with the pesky details of standard travel guides—maps and generic photography—and opts instead for a compact (about the size of an iphone), tightly curated body of content for those disinclined to bother with hefty, oh-so-wordy travel books.

But it’s LUXE’s visual panache, of course, that catches the eye again and again. Exquisitely illustrated, graphic patterns and lusciously vibrant colors adorn each cover, imbuing the guides with a kind of jewel-like preciousness. And why not? When wanderlust subsides, you’ll likely be left with some of your best travel keepsakes yet.


Photo credits: Luxe City Guides

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  1. Stand Up Workstation

    Feb 8, 2013 at 2:51 am

    There can be least denying the verity that the visual appeal mesmerizes most individuals concerned.

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