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For the Love of Wallpaper

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Modern Decor + Objects

Abstract Geometric Heart Wallpaper

Intricate Love Heart Illustration Wallpaper

Illustrated Love Hearts Wallpaper

How do you convert a Valentine’s Day motif into a backdrop appropriate for the entire year? By creating a series of joyful, beautifully illustrated wallpaper murals loaded with heart-stopping visual panache, that’s how. Just ask the UK-based company, Murals Wallpaper, the masterminds behind this stylish, graphically inspiring, and oh-so-romantic selection of designs sure to convert even die-hard cynics into hopeless romantics.

Photo Credits: MuralsWallpaper

One Comment to "For the Love of Wallpaper"

  1. yours is the FIRST line of Wallpaper that I have found since my own Interior Design days; DECADES ago, that I have found which I actually adore! I would use much of your product in many spaces in the home and thank you for such a wondrous collection!
    simply wonderful wallpaper!

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