Elpis & Wood: Good Looks, With a Conscience

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Elpis & Wood, a furniture company based in Marysville, Washington, is that rare company that takes environmental stewardship and social responsibility seriously. Makers of bespoke furniture crafted from reclaimed wood, much of it sourced from the pacific northwest, they “see a world where what seems useless and discarded can be brought to life again with impeccable craftsmanship.”

Community service—both near and far—is another cornerstone of the company’s mission (elpis is the Greek word for hope): a portion of profits go towards local services for homeless and at-risk youth; and their participation in the Desk4Desk project helps fund a program that oversees the purchase of desks for school children in Malawi.

Photo credit:  Elpis & Wood


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  1. Ryan

    Feb 14, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    It is rare that companies create high quality pieces, while maintaining even higher standards in terms of service and social responsibility, but Elpis really seems like a class act. The piece pictured looks wonderful, and the fact that it is from recycled wood means that it is truly one of a kind. Perhaps my favorite part is that each piece is specific to the northwest region, so you really get to see the character in each piece of wood that they transform!

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