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If only taking a ceramic class was a guarantee of output this drop-dead gorgeous, we’d probably all be lining up for a weekend lesson or two. But the Brooklyn-based sculptor Pamela Sunday is clearly not your standard ceramist.

Her work, she says, is informed by nature and science, and we believe her. The sphere, after all—the earth, you might say—forms the basis of each of her exquisitely detailed, hand-built sculptures, and we’re free to see whatever we want in its permutations. Are those spikes invoking the shape of coral, or a sea anemone? Is that a microscopic spore, a sponge, a beehive? Isn’t that a Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome?

Whatever our previous notions about ceramic as a material, Sunday shatters them. She wants to stretch the boundaries of the medium, she says, but we’re pretty sure she’s redefined them.

Photos: Pamela Sunday

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