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The HemLoft: A Modern Tree House!

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

The origin of this modern tree house starts out in quite the unique way, well, actually, we’ll let the builder, Joel Allen, say it in his own words: “I’m just going to come out and say it. I tried to retire at the age of 26 and failed. What does this have to do with the tree house? Well, my attempt at retirement seems to be the critical link between my former career as a software developer, and my new career as a carpenter.”

Who would have thought that such a stunning piece of architecture would come from such an unlikely turn of events? Just goes to show you, when one door closes, another one that leads to a tree house might open.

You can find more photos and all the information on how this unlikely piece of architecture was made on Joel Allen’s website.

3 Comments to "The HemLoft: A Modern Tree House!"

  1. Beautiful piece of carpentry. I am a little worried about how slippery the small slices of wood rounds or “stepping woods” are that lead up to the front door. They look pretty small and I wouldn’t want anyone to slip and fall off of them. Of course, I’m looking at it from the point of view of where I live. Here on Vancouver Island the wood steps would get licheny pretty quickly.

  2. nice and gorgeous.thanks for shearing this type of home office furniture idea

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