Save a Piece of Eames History!

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Who doesn’t love the amazing work of that creative couple Charles and Ray Eames? Their countless contributions to the world of design reverberate through contemporary designs long after their death, and just about everything they’ve ever done is worthy of remembrance and conservation — including their architecture!

Especially a specific piece of architecture, The Eames House: “After Ray’s death, the Eames family shared and cared for the Eames House and grounds, always mindful to safeguard their authenticity for the future. Now, the Eames Foundation is ready to preserve the house as it existed when Charles and Ray lived and worked in it for the last, most prolific half of their lives. This includes not only conserving the house for the future but also celebrating and transmitting the legacy and philosophy of Charles and Ray.”

The Eames Foundation is aiming to raise $150,000 to to preserve and protect the Eames House for now and the future, and there are lots of ways you can help. Check out the website set up to give you more information about this important piece of architecture and how you can help!

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