Pleasing Curves by Charles Kaplan

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Curves in stone seems against nature, yet man has been creating curves out of stone for centuries.   It takes great skill to transform hard Carrara marble into sensuous shapes of legs and arms.  Even more so, in my humble opinion, to wield the tools creating biomorphic forms in the most minimalist elegance while still conveying  passion and prowess.  Los Angeles artist, Charles Kaplan, has such a trained hand and innate eye for expression.  Inspired by the work Constantin Brancusi and the monumental forms of Henry Moore, Kaplan honors their influence  to the bond he has with the elemental forces of creation. “Kaplan employs a method of free association, where the materials actually inform the outcome of his works. Often, layers of marble are stripped away to uncover the artworks that lay trapped within his psyche.” says PYO Gallery who is currently exhibiting Kaplan’s Pleasing Curves in Los Angeles during the LA Art Show.

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