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New from Ink Dish!

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, News + Events + Contests

Ink Dish is one of our favorite makers of dishware operating today, simply due to the fact that they’re not afraid to take visual chances and their work represents one of the most accurate views of contemporary dishware today. Filled with graphic pops of pattern and more, Ink Dish partners with great designers, like fave Alyson Fox, to create collections that would look great on a modern, traditional or anything table. We’ve recently added a few of their new designs to 2Modern, like a Kites Serving Bowl, White Noise Mug, Basket Side Plate, Basket Mug and more. Check out all their new items today: Ink Dish on 2Modern.

Wanna know more about Ink Dish? Check out this interview we had with one of the founders, Caroline Pople

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