Modern, Every Day, Vegan: Nikolette Bags

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Need a bag? A modern yet casual, sleek but comfy, good-looking and good-quality bag? A messenger bag or perhaps a clutch? Something to carry your make-up, work or iPad in? Nikolette Bags can carry all of your small and medium-sized things, as well as any emotional baggage you may or may not have.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Nikolette Bags’ favorite material is water resistant waxed canvas and their linings are all water-resistant supplex. So you can enjoy these bags guilt free! It’s also how they make their bags that really sets them apart: “We consider every aspect of the bag when designing our patterns: from the location of the pockets and zippers, to the length of the strap, and even the weight of the bag itself. Your bag should not only be stylish, it should be effortless and functional. Being able to find your keys quickly is important!”

We could really use help finding our keys. Find Nikolette Bags online at Etsy and on their Facebook page.

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