Glossy Blue Desk by Projector Design

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“A vivid focal point from every angle,” is how Toronto’s Projector Design describes this desk, and who could argue? It’s still in prototype stage, but the color alone may end up turning the 001 Desk into a ‘must have’ art piece. The indigo blue work top, hand crafted from 100% wood fibre and drenched in glossy, VOC-free lacquer, has beveled edges and a single drawer. It’s compact size and limited storage space is definitely not for the pack rat set, but everyone else, I’m guessing, will find it impossible to pass up.

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  1. Bau Outdoors

    Feb 2, 2013 at 7:41 am

    Wow – that top is wonderful. It looks almost wet. Love the skinny frame – very contemporary… Slightly worried it would be covered in paperwork within a week of arriving at our offices!

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