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DIY: Banish the Blues This Winter with White

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, DIY + How To

White doesn’t have to bring to mind chilly swirls of snow and the hectic holiday season. Decorating in light neutral tones can be just as warm and inviting year-round as darker shades, while still maintaining a sleek, modern feel. The key is to incorporate interesting pieces that will give character to the clean white lines, such as natural rugs and earthy wood details.

Accents of color are also given more opportunity to shine when paired with white, as demonstrated by the pairing on the left. The dark wood floor provides a stylish border for the large white shag rug and the green from the tree offers the area a bit of pop. The room on the right has a slightly more comfort-based design, with a lush white couch, seagrass rug and rustic wood accents.

Which white wonderland do you prefer?

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Images: The Perfect Rug 

One Comment to "DIY: Banish the Blues This Winter with White"

  1. Unbelievably innovative design for furniture. I wish I could store them in my house. I like table with amazing concepts. Paint drip table is just a wow. Love that collection. Keep posting.

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