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Bare Minimum

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

If it’s true, as some claim, that the words minimalism and grace are synonymous, then the work of the British architect John Pawson may be the ultimate embodiment of the term. Pawson, whose 2003 design for the Nový Dvůr monastery in the Czech Republic solidified his status as the only A-list architect capable of taking minimalism to, well, religious heights, makes us re-examine an overused term by showing us how minimalism is really done.

Like his buildings, Pawson’s product designs—these sublime bowls were created for the Dutch collective Design Object—express the same obsession with wanting to remove every layer of distraction to reveal the very essence of an object. He aims to show us the purest form imaginable—and maybe that’s the same thing as grace.

Photo credits: Design Object

2 Comments to "Bare Minimum"

  1. Really beautiful contemporary pieces… Is it me, or do these remind anyone of the Lindt chocolate advert!?

  2. The best design is always the most simple. The difficulty is melding that beauty and function into something so simple without being boring.

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