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Austin-based Sway’s Modern, Exotic Design

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Austin’s newest edition to the culinary scene is a dark and cozy modern Australian-influenced Thai restaurant with a sleek graphic brand identity, good food and a slew of enviable (and potentially steal-able) architectural details: Sway.

The large-scale, black caned over-table lighting seems to grab your attention first. Warm, cherry-esque, wide seating and family-style tables pop on top of a glossy gunmetal gray floor. Ceilings are low, lighting is intimate and the space has the feeling of being wrapped up in a secret, wrapped in wood.

As mentioned it’s the details (catalogued on the Sway Facebook page) that have us swooning, from that gorgeous lighting to the wood species used in varied ways to the golden tile that seems to emanate a soul. Designed by architectural heavy weight Michael Hsu, the whole interior is a love song to the food.

Images: Austin Eater, Austin 360 and Sway Facebook page

One Comment to "Austin-based Sway’s Modern, Exotic Design"

  1. I really like the style! The atmosphere seems so inviting and with all its furniture around looks very creative. Thanks for the images; this is such an extremely intimate and fascinating design.

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